WP1: Requirements analysis and specification

This work package aims at a unified set of requirements for the technical components of PuppyIR and addresses the goals:

  1. To produce a set of user requirements based on scenarios of use provided by end-user partners
  2. To produce a set of agreed technical requirements based on the scenarios of use
  3. To produce an agreed data collection and distribution document for development and evaluation

Children as information consumers are not a coherent group. At different ages their social and emotional developments as well as physical abilities differ significantly. The project addresses 3 age groups: 3-6 years, 6-9 and 9-12. For all three groups different, but complementary, requirements will be established. These requirements will vary according to the specific needs of the age group. The scenarios will be based around prototypical uses of search systems by children.

The requirements capturing will be done on the basis of a comparative study. Based on established knowledge and practice, and on a comparison of specific features from those found through practical requirements capturing, a generic reference model will be built for the specification of requirements for specific age groups. This model expresses what (technical and functional) needs are met regarding use of retrieval, presentation and consumption of media and through standard browser and custom built interfaces. It is used as input for the development of the open source environment enabling child-friendly and targeted development, addressing also the safety and privacy aspects specific for this age category. The report that documents the model and scenarios of use will be continuously updated during the project.

This WP will identify those service scenarios of use of information services that are expected to maximize the children perceived value, and then define the system requirements and top-level specifications.

WP1 covers:

  • The selection of scenarios of use and service requirements from the perspective of end-users
  • Technical specification of service requirements
  • Data requirements for usability assessments and system performance evaluation.

These requirements are combined within a single work package to support an integrated approach to requirements gathering and monitoring of system activities against the agreed requirements.