WP2: Interaction model design

Existing interactive search systems for children are often simplified versions of adult search systems. What are required instead are interfaces and interaction styles that respond to the unique nature of children’s experience of searching online. In this work package we will investigate novel interface and interaction models based on known characteristics of children’s information seeking.

This workpackage aims at:

  • The scenario-based design of interfaces optimized for children’s information services.
  • Incorporation of collaborative interaction, metaphor-based support for search, and multimodal interaction

In this work package we will investigate and promote innovative interaction paradigms for search environments for children. These interaction models will be based on supporting three aspects of interaction:

  • Collaborative searching and interaction
  • Engaging augmented tabletop environments for enriched user experience
  • Interface metaphors for search

Interface designs will be designed and/or optimized for children’s information services. They will be made available as templates suited for use in the open source framework developed in WP4. The work in this work package will be carried out in conjunction with work in the Presentation sub-package of WP3 (Information services development).