WP3: Information services development

The goal of this work package is to provide the underlying technology for the intuitive and advanced WP2 interfaces and interaction styles specialized for children’s behaviour when accessing information online.

Multimodal presentation technology

Design of approaches for a number of analysis tasks:

  1. The identification and alignment of heterogeneous search results which are suited for a combined presentation
  2. Identification within each group of aligned results, what would be essential, sufficient and complementary information that should be kept
  3. Aggregation of elements in such a way that they form an appropriate presentation
  4. Identifying which information could be used to furnish a virtual setting in which the child is interacting.

Text and multimedia content mining

Design and implementation of a query assistance module through “Wh” words based on results from information extraction, expert search, social network analysis, and moderated discovery of information guided by opinion detection.

Analyzing and structuring textual information

Implementation of natural language processing subtasks (including pre-processing) for the support of: the normalization of the child’s language, text generation, information extraction, text classification, text summarization and storytelling, all tuned to requirements identified in WP1.

In short, this workpackage will investigate certain interrelated research questions that contribute to the interaction of children with information services. The focus will be on presentation, mining and language issues for the appropriate development of these information services. In terms of content the focus will be on a combination of partners’ proprietary content, and information discovered on the web through ‘moderated discovery’