WP4: Open Source search implementation

This WP will design and construct an Open Source Framework to support the development of child information services, whereby:

  • A layered architecture can independently support the research and development of such services
  • And at each layer the components are interchangeable and interoperable

A second objective will be to ensure the adoption and uptake of the open source framework to support collaboration amongst partners and the wider community.

WP4 will act as the conduit between the other main work packages WP2 and WP3 in order to facilitate the overall outcomes of the project.

The Open Source Framework (OSF) to be designed will form the technical basis of collaboration between partners as well as facilitate community building through the uptake of the framework. The main research challenge is to design a suitable architecture to support the possible variation in the creation of Child Information Services. The OSF will provide the underlying infrastructure for the creation of applications on three different levels:

  1. Presentation Layer; visualizes the information objects to the user of the system
  2. Interaction Layer; provides the layout and mechanism for dynamic and adaptative interaction with the system
  3. Intelligent Content Processing Layer; provides the set of underlying components that process information for intelligent acces, presentation and distribution; these components can be linked to form a chain interoperable components which process

Using modern principles of software design (such as design patterns) a flexible extensible, plug-and-play architecture will be constructed to support variation between layers and within layers. The architectural design will be based on the general schema described above, where the interaction among software components may lead to the definition of suitable subsystems and architectural level. The implementation phase will lead to the deployment of the framework to support the development of information services under the form of a web application developed using Java EE technology in the framework of a (possibly lightweight) Enterprise Application Framework.