WP6: Dissemination and exploitation

This work package aims at the development and implementation of a dissemination strategy that help to generate awareness to the potential added value of PuppyIR along all relevant dimensions: for the R&D work to be carried out, and for the potential impact of the project results, in particular the open source releases.

The work in PuppyIR is partly explorative, aiming at novel functionalities, and partly building on existing technology. So, the work plan contains tasks for which the envisaged results are suited for immediate take-up, both during and after the project.

Only naturally, PuppyIR will make sure that the project results are of benefit to the research community at large by the standard way of providing information about the project and its results.


The project will deploy a wide range of measures to raise awareness for the objectives of the work-plan to be undertaken, its outcomes and its potential impact. WP6 will be organising, defining and implementing the dissemination activities during the project’s lifespan, and beyond. Relying on a wide array of tools and vectors, this WP will coordinate external dissemination effort, while ensuring an efficient communication within the project itself.

  • Project Website
  • Dissemination Plan
  • DVD/website to announce the open source releases and corresponding documentation
  • Exploitation Plan

The WP6 activities will not only coordinate the dissemination activities (both internal and external), but will also act as a gateway for collaboration with related initiatives, user communities as well as stakeholders in the field.

Industrial exploitation

The industrial partner Atos is interested in the commercialisation of some the project’s results. Atos is a business oriented private company aiming to increase their product portfolio, and they plan to do so with some of the products and services derivate from the PuppyIR platform. They are eager to provide to their client base and potential customers innovative solutions; and the PuppyIR focus on models and tools that fit the needs of users in a specific age domain is articulate and may serve Atos’ needs to distinguish their offer from their competitors. The PuppyIR platform will be added to their existing services and product portfolio, across many industry sectors including Public Sector, Telecom, Utilities and Media.

Non-commercial exploitation

The consortium members will make a strong effort to ensure the sustained availability and reuse of the results of their work on individual components. In addition to the Open Source package to be released for the construction of information services, several other reusable results will be released, such as Ethics guidelines, data sets resulting from the WP3 work, and, especially, the test collections created in WP5 for use in benchmarks.

The user parties intent to include the results in the educational and communication programmes that run within their organizations. Museon and EKZ will promote the project outcomes actively in their communities, both within the Netherlands and abroad.