Welcome to the PuppyIR Framework Documentation

This documentation describes the PuppyIR project’s open source, Python based, framework. This framework provides an open source environment for building information services, specifically for children, using a variety of tools, search engine wrappers, filters and more.

In order to best describe the framework and its uses, the documentation is split up into several sections: the ‘about’ section, which details the design of the framework and how the various components relate to each other; the ‘tutorials’ section, which provides practical examples of using the framework for a variety of audiences; the ‘extending’ section details how the framework can be extended to add new filters, modifiers and search engine wrappers; the ‘Appendices’ section which details various supplementary materials that further expand on the other sections including an FAQ (frequently asked questions); and, finally, the API reference which details the components in framework (including details about their parameters etc).

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