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# -*- coding: utf8 -*-
from import SearchEngine
from puppy.model import Query, Response
from whoosh.index import open_dir
from whoosh.query import *
from whoosh.qparser import QueryParser
from whoosh import highlight

[docs]class WhooshQuerySuggestEngine(SearchEngine): """ Whoosh Query log search engine. Paramters: * resultsPerPage (int): select how many results per page * whoosh_query_index_dir (str): the absolute path for where you want queries indexed at """ def __init__(self, service, whoosh_query_index_dir = "", resultsPerPage = 8): super(WhooshQuerySuggestEngine, self).__init__(service) self.resultsPerPage = resultsPerPage print "In construction of Whoosh Query log search engine" try: self.queryIndex = open_dir( whoosh_query_index_dir ) print "Whoosh query index open" print self.queryIndex.doc_count() except: print "Could not open Whoosh query index at: " + whoosh_query_index_dir def search(self, query, pos=0): """ Search service for query log data held in a Whoosh query index with a Schema(title=ID(unique=True, stored=True), content=TEXT(stored=True), ncontent=NGRAM(stored=True), issued=DATETIME(stored=True)) Parameters: * query (puppy.model.Query) Returns: * results puppy.model.Response Raises: * ? """ def parse_whoosh_trec(site, query, results): response = Response() response.version = 'trec' response.feed.setdefault('title', "{0}: {1}".format(site, query)) response.feed.setdefault('link','') response.feed.setdefault('description',"Search results for '{0}' at {1}".format(query, site)) response.namespaces.setdefault("opensearch", "") response.feed.setdefault("opensearch_totalresults", len(results) ) response.feed.setdefault("opensearch_itemsperpage", len(results)) response.feed.setdefault("opensearch_startindex", 1) response.feed.setdefault('query', query) try: duplicates=set() buff="" if len(results)>1: resultNum = 1 for hit in results: if resultNum > self.resultsPerPage: break desc = hit.highlights("content") desc = desc.split("\t")[0] if desc not in duplicates and query.lower() != desc.lower() and desc !=(buff+"?"): response.entries.append({'title': desc, 'link': '', 'summary': desc }) resultNum += 1 duplicates.add(desc) buff =desc else: print "No hits found for query: " + query except Exception, e: print "Converting results to OpenSearch Failed" return response # end parse_whoosh_trec try: parser = QueryParser("content", self.queryIndex.schema) print query.search_terms myquery = parser.parse( query.search_terms ) results = [] reponse = [] rr={} with self.queryIndex.searcher() as searcher: results = myquery ) for result in results: temp = result['content'] temp = temp.split("\t") sugg= temp[0] print result rr['content']= sugg results.fragmenter = highlight.ContextFragmenter(surround=40) results.formatter = highlight.UppercaseFormatter() response = parse_whoosh_trec('WhooshQueryEngine', query.search_terms, results) return response except: print "Error in Search Service: Whoosh query search failed"