Stichting Museon

Museum voor het Onderwijs

The Museon is a multi-disciplinary museum with a clear educational mission. Museon hosts educational and attractive exhibitions and programmes to communicate with a broad audience. Museon aims at transferring knowledge about man and his relation with nature and culture and provides easily accessible information about topical themes and developments in science and society.

The museum, which dates from 1904, has collections in the field of physical science and technology, natural history, history, archaeology and ethnology. Yearly the museum attracts about 170,000 visitors and provides over 2,000 museum lessons to school classes from primary and secondary education. Museon has a long tradition in the field of ICT projects. Starting from the late 1980′s Museon participated in several EC projects all being related to the cultural heritage, and others in which the museum served as a testbed. On a national level the museum was responsible for and participated to several educational projects and, on behalf of the ethnology museums in the Netherlands, for providing access to the contents related to the Dutch ethnology collections.

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