University of Strathclyde

The Department of Computer and Information Sciences at the University of Strathclyde was formed from the merger of Computer Science and Information Science Departments. The joint department has over 60 academic and research staff and supports a strong and diverse portfolio of research. The Department founded the Centre for Digital Library Research that deals with issues ranging from information policy and information retrieval to document storage technologies and standards.

The key departmental research group directly involved in this project is the i-lab. The i-lab comprises of 11 academics, 6 research fellows and 12 research students. Members of the i-lab have expertise in a number of areas, including the design, implementation & evaluation of: adaptive interactive information access systems; multimedia and multimodal information retrieval systems, with particular emphasis on mobile information access and personalisation; novel user interfaces and interface paradigms. The Department of Computer and Information Services has been and is still involved in a lot of EU projects on multimedia retrieval.

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