To show the possibilities of the PuppyIR framework two demonstrators are being constructed, one for Emma Children’s Hospital and one for Museon. In addition a number of demonstrators for individual components are available.

  • Child-oriented multimedia results with collAge

    We present a simple and eff ective approach to complement search results for children’s web queries with child-oriented multimedia results, such as coloring pages and music sheets.

  • Expedition Museon

    This demonstrator is running at Museon and can be used by children visiting the museum, where PuppyIR technology is used to support an educational, collaborative quest through Museon’s permanent exhibition.

  • Picture-based Querying and Learning

    Presented at CHI 2011, Vancouver (2nd Child Computer Interaction Workshop on UI Technologies and Educational Pedagogy), and at SIGIR 2011, Being (poster).

  • Visual Exploration of Health Information for Children

    In this work we present a novel method to search medical information using a cross-media search interface in which the textual data is searched through visual images.

  • Emma Search Service

    This demonstrator showcases a novel and exciting interface to help support children’s information needs while staying or visiting a hospital

  • Show & Tell

    Interface that uses a book metaphor to help children search for complex content, create a story and re-use the results.

  • Beat the Witch

    Interface that uses a game-based approach to challenge children to decide about the quality of search results