Expedition Museon

At the entrance of the museum a multitouch table is located that teams of three or four players can use to personalize their quest: via collaborative interaction they determine their quest’s contents. Based on the interaction at the multitouch each team member get their own assignments, but since all assignments are related to the same subjects they are complementary. The result is that during the quest co-operation and exchange of information are stimulated, which enhances the educational value of the game. During the quest the team collects items for the end game back at the multitouch table, that aims at applying the information that is obtained during the quest: the team has to match the items that they collected with relevant concepts.

Currently the PuppyIR team is working on an advanced version of the game, turning it into a genuine full circle experience, starting in the museum and ending at home. After the actual quest the players will be able to dig deeper into contents of the exhibits they visited and to compose a personal website. Back home, by showing the fiducial they used in the museum to a webcam, a search is launched that brings forward information that is related to the contents of their quest, coming from the museum’s website but also from elsewhere on the web.┬áThis video shows the new PuppyIR demonstrator that is still under construction.