Table of contents

    February 13, 1991 Wednesday - [9:00-2:00]

    Session A.
  1. Koiti Hasida & Hiroshi Tsuda, Institute for New Generation Computer Technology - (JAPAN). Parsing without Parser; p. 1-10.
  2. Venu Dasigi, Wright State University Research Center - (USA). Parsing = Parsimonious Covering?; p. 11-20.
  3. Yves Schabes, University of Pennsylvania - (USA). The Valid Prefix Property and Left to Ftight Parsing of Tree-Adjoining Grammar; p. 21-30.
    Session B.
  4. Robert P. Futrelle, Christopher E. Dunn, Debra S. Ellis & Maurice J. Pescitelli, Jr., Northeastern University - (USA). Preprocessing and Lexicon Design for Parsing Technical Text; p.31-40.
  5. John J. Shilling, Georgia Institute of Technology - (USA). Incremental LL(1) Parsing in Language-Based Editors; p. 41-51.
  6. Tatiana A. Apollonskaya, Larissa N. Beliaeva & Raimund G. Piotrowski, Herzen Pedagogical Institute - (RUSSIA). Linguistic Information in the Databases as a Basis for Linguistic Parsing Algorithms; p. 52-58.
    Session C.
  7. Radolfo Delmonte, University of Venice & Dario Bianchi, University of Parma - (ITALY). Binding Pronominals with an LFG Parser; p. 59-72.
  8. Theo Vosse & Gerard Kempen, N.l.C.I., University of Nijmegen - (THE NETHERLANDS). A Hybrid Model of Human Sentence Processing: Parsing Fight-Branching, Center-Embedded and Cross-Serial Dependencies; p. 73-78.
  9. Benoit Habert, Ecole Normale SuPerieUre de Fontenay Saint Cloud - (FRANCE). Using Inheritance Object-Oriented Programming to Combine Syntactic Rules and Lexical Idiosyncrasies; p. 79-88.

    February 14, 1991 Thursday - [9:00-2:00]

    Session A.
  10. Philippe Charles, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center - (USA). An LR(k) Error Diagnosis and Recovery Method; p. 89-99.
  11. Jerry Wright & Ave Wrigley, Centre for Communications Research, and Richard Sharman, IBM United Kingdom Scientific Centre - (UNITED KINGDOM). Adaptive Probabilistic Generalized LR Parsing; p. 100-109.
  12. Michael Maxwell, Summer Institute of Linguistics - (USA). Phonological Analysis and Opaque Rule Orders; p. 110-116.
    Session B.
  13. Klaas Sikkel & Anton Nijholt, University of Twente - (THE NETHERLANDS). An Efficient Connectionist Context-Free Parser; p. 117-126.
  14. Hans de Vreught & Job Honig, Delft University of Technology - (THE NETHERLANDS). Slow and Fast Parallel Recognition; p. 127-135.
  15. Kenji Kita, Terumasa Ehara & Tsuyoshi Morimoto, ATR Interpreting Telephony Research Laboratories - (JAPAN). Processing Unknown Words in Continuous Speech Recognition; p. 136-142.
    Session C.
  16. Robert Carpenter, Carl Pollard & Alex Franz, Carnegie Mellon University - (USA). The Specification and Implementation of Constraint-Based Uniflcation Grammars; p. 143-153.
  17. See-Kiong Ng & Masaru Tomita, Carnegie Mellon University - (USA). Probabilistic LR Parsing for General Context-Free Grammars; p. 154-163.

    Friday- February 15,1991 - 9:00-2:00

    Friday [9:00-2:00]
    Session A.
  18. Hideto Tomabechi, ART Interpreting Telephony Research Laboratories - (JAPAN) and Carnegie Mellon University - (USA). Quasi-Destructive Graph Unification; p. 164-171.
  19. Hiroaki Kitano, NEC Corporation - (JAPAN) and Carnegie Mellon University - (USA). Unification A/gorithms for Massively Parallel Computers; p. 172-181.
  20. Hyuk-Chul Kwon & Aesun Yoon, Pusan National University - (KOREA). Unification-Based Dependency Parsing of Governor-Final Languages; p. 182-192.
    Session B.
  21. David M. Magerman, Stanford University & Mitchell P. Marcus, University of Pennsylvania - (USA). Pearl: A Probabilistic Chart Parser; p. 193-199.
  22. Jacky Herz & Mori Rimon, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - (ISRAEL). Local Syntactic Constraints; p. 200-209.
  23. Anna Corazza, Roberto Gretter, Giorgio Satta, Istituto per la Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica - (ITALY), & Renato De Mori, McGill University - (CANADA). Stochastic Context-Free Grammars for
  24. Island-Driven Probabilistic Parsing; p. 210-217.
    Session C.
  25. Jan Rekers, Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science & Wilco Koorn, University of Amsterdam - (THE NETHERLANDS). Substring Parsing for Arbitrary Context-Free Grammars; p. 218-224.
  26. Kent Wittenburg. (Bellcore Visiting Researcher) Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation - (USA). Parsing with Relational Unification Grammars; p 225-234.
  27. Gennaro Costagliola & Shi-Kuo Chang, University of Pittsburgh - (USA). Parsing 2-D Languages with Positional Grammars; p. 235-243.

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