Information Engineering

Now information is available in electronic form, it's about time we let our machines do something useful with it.
Authors are constrained because traditionally they can only write a sequential narrative; readers are frustrated because they can only consume information the way it was written by the author, if they can find it at all. Information engineering can free them both.
Information Engineering is a technology strongly guided by the social and economic environment in which information is exchanged. It studies ways to structure and store content and to make it accessible to others.
Important research subjects in information engineering are:

  • Information retrieval: text retrieval, XML retrieval, retrieval interfaces, multimedia retrieval, retrieval for scientists
  • Information representation, both for humans and machines: information visualisation, knowledge representation, XML
  • Security: digital rights management, encryption, intellectual property
  • Information in a business perspective: organisational aspects, business models, value chains

At HMI, important application areas are: bioinformatics and chemoinformatics, medical information, information for education, publishing industry.


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