Intelligent Agents

A recent trend in computing is to move away from the machine-oriented views of programming towards concepts and metaphors that more closely reflect the way people understand the world. This trend is very clear in the way we interact with computers; increasing delegation and intelligence. This means that we have to develop systems that can act effectively on our behalf. These trends have led to the emergence of a new research area: Intelligent Agents.

Citing Wooldridge, an agent is a computer system that is situated in some environment and that is capable of autonomous behavior in this environment in order to meet is design objectives.

This means that an agent must have the following capabilities: autonomous, reactive, proactive, social ability and learning.
Most of the time agents are organized in a society in which agents interact with each other, such a system is called a multi agent system.

Within HMI Agent Technology is used in the development of Intelligent Embodied Agents situated in Virtual Environments and in

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