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21th Twente Workshop on Language Technology
3rd AMAST workshop

Algebraic Methods
in Language Processing
(AMILP 2003)

August 25-27 2003
Verona, Italy

Website: http://www.di.univr.it/amilp3


AMILP 2003 is the third AMAST workshop on Algebraic Methods in Language Processing. Like its predecessors, held in 1995 at the University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands, and in 2000 in Iowa City (USA), papers will be presented on formal language theory, programming language theory and natural language theory. A common theme in these papers is the use of mathematics, in particular the use of an algebraic approach. Due to this approach traditional boundaries between the areas may disappear, allowing researchers to learn from areas that were uncommon to them before.


AMILP-III University of Verona, Italy

For details of location, travel and accommodation for AMILP please check the AMILP 2003 website http://www.di.univr.it/amilp3